About Vivek Rathore

Hi, My Name is Vivek Rathore, Author of Best Selling Book “Making Life Meaningful”. My specialization is in Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, NLP, EFT, Primal Therapy, Subconscious & Beliefs Powers. 

Now It’s been 13 Years since I am Practising & Teaching This Science. I am the First Generation NeuroPsychology Expert of India ( Means No More Experiments, Only Result with Zero Error, Least Efforts & Time)

I am working in this Field Because I am Passionate about Neuroscience, Psychology, Life & Spirituality from My Childhood. In this Journey I Created VR Primal Therapy in 2004, the Most Powerful Method to Heal the Past. Published My First Book in 2012, Created & Launched Neuro Psychology Framework in 2017, Created MNR Method in 2021 (The Only Method to Change Brain Patterns in Fastest Time)

Neuro Psychology Framework

We are in the Field of Healing & Improving People’s Lives Since 2010. The 10 min Neuro Psychology Framework” has been tried & tested More than 3,697 Times with 100% Positive Result. We have Discovered many Techniques, Therapies & Tools that no one Teaches in the Industry. Few Most Powerful & famous are MNR Method, LOI, VR Primal Therapy, Automation Tools to Manifest Effortlessly & 100% Brain Control Methods

Where Others are Still Struggling with Old Methods Like Affirmation, Meditation & visualization Our MNR Method is the Exact Solution & Only Method to Change the Negative Patterns which is the Root Cause of All our Life & Career Issues. 

Our Healing Process is Most Effective in the Industry Just Because of Our Root Cause Analysis System. We Work on the Exact Root Cause which is Creating Pain in Your Life, Relationship & Career. Rather than Testing with Random Techniques & Praying God that One Should Work. 

The Secret To Happy & Satisfied Life Is Giving

“Remember your best moments? Share that joy by helping others achieve their own breakthroughs. Your voice matters, and together, we can make a lasting impact on the world. Act now for positive change!”

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